internal competition gala day - 14th november 2023

On Tuesday, 14th November 2023, on a rather grey and damp afternoon which surprisingly turned sunny enough as the day wore on that the blinds needed to be used, 16 club members took part in the Gala Day competition

Just as had been done in the previous competition the players were divided into 4 teams, each with 4 players, by picking coloured tokens.

A “round robin” competition followed where each team played all of the other 3 teams. ( 6 games in total, on two mats ). Teams scored 2 points for a win, 1 point each for a draw, but nothing for a loss.

The Red team won two of their three games, and were outright winners with a total of 4 points.

Two of the other teams scored 3 points each, with identical results in their games of one win, one draw, and one loss. So then the total number of shots scored in all their games was added up & used to decide between them for Runners Up.

     ( In alphabetical order of surname )
Winners : Red             David Hill, Megan Laughton, Maggie Marshall, & Chris Selling

Runners Up : Yellow     Ann Cook, Anna Davies, Lesley Saunders & Jeanette Statham