barton seagrave - away. match result

On Wednesday 4th October we played an ‘away’ match v Barton Seagrave, the first match of our 2023 / 2024 season, against an opposition that we had never been to before.

Both games were very closely contested, and the scores do not reflect quite how the game swung between one team and another. However, Team B only managed to score in 6 ends out of the 16 played, with Barton Seagrave always increasing their advantage, finally winning by 24 - 8.

Team ‘A’ scored well at the start of their match, and with their opponents unable to make a dent in their lead went on to a win, by 18 – 7.

The combined score for both games means that Saxons lost overall,
by 26 to 31.

Team A :
Lead Alan Thorn, 2nd Jeanette Statham, 3rd Roger Bond, Skip Roger Gill
WON, 18 - 7

Team B :
Lead Anna Davies, 2nd Tony Sellick, 3rd Linda Gill, Skip Chris Selling
LOST, 8 - 24